Speaking to Social Entrepreneurs

It’s not every day that I get invited to speak to social entrepreneurs, but it happened, it really did and it was yesterday. You see, as well as gallivanting as a writery sorta person, I have been living a secret double life – hey, just kidding! Seriously, this is the work that I do on a Read more about Speaking to Social Entrepreneurs[…]

Review: The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey

For a while now, I’ve been intending to write something about a fab author who pens science fiction called Hugh Howey who wrote the Wool Trilogy. So, you haven’t heard of the Wool Trilogy? Oh boy. Where have you been? Hugh Howey, appeared Deus Ex Machina in 2011 and rewrote science fiction and if that Read more about Review: The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey[…]

“HIV” – a poem for National HIV Test Week

HIV wedged into the bloat of Mankind, it lurks coiled in the caverns of our insides and it snares without hooks or nets or clamps until all of our blood is occupied and bellowing out, breaths become a blink ground down by the weight of a dying heart’s pulse and snaked into the body’s tributaries Read more about “HIV” – a poem for National HIV Test Week[…]