Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University

I’ve got some news. I’m now a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University! I’m deeply fortunate. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers and engage with students passionate about writing. I’m completely new to something like this and I’ve got to learn. A New Home I was delighted to find out the old Cornerhouse Read more about Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University[…]

Beef about Buffets

The roar of the hungry crowd, the hiss of meat thrown on the grill, steam rising in clouds, the clink of plates and people, flurries of them, mounds of them, milling around the eating trough and returning like pirates with their booty to their overstuffed tables to gorge themselves senseless. The world keeps spinning, the noise Read more about Beef about Buffets[…]

Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?

The UK is amongst the most diverse countries in the world. The 2011 Census found that the ethnic minority population of London was the majority population. White British people accounted for 44.9% of London’s population. So, considering that London is the home of UK Publishing and that the capital’s population, do you think ethnic minorities are well Read more about Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?[…]