What’s Your Thinking Style? AUDITORY!

For those of you who think in sounds or words the problems you will face are vastly different from writers who are visual. Now there are pros and cons to being an auditory thinker. Classically, most writers ARE auditory, but there are many successful writers who are also visual. Why is this so? Well, it Read more about What’s Your Thinking Style? AUDITORY![…]

What’s Your Thinking Style? VISUAL!

Writers who are visual often claim they have “writer’s block“. The reason is quite simple: Visual people have hot and intense visual narratives running through their mind’s eye: the moment they put a pen in their hand and touch nib to paper or fingers to keyboard keys their imagination flags.  How is it possible to Read more about What’s Your Thinking Style? VISUAL![…]

What’s Your Thinking Style?

Often, when teaching creative writing, this is the first question I ask. Why is it so important? I think that your thinking style sets out how you will write, the difficulties you will face, and knowing what style you think in will enhance your writing. But what do I mean, by thinking style? Well, let Read more about What’s Your Thinking Style?[…]