Writers who are visual often claim they have “writer’s block“. The reason is quite simple:

Visual people have hot and intense visual narratives running through their mind’s eye: the moment they put a pen in their hand and touch nib to paper or fingers to keyboard keys their imagination flags. 

How is it possible to take a picture made up of a thousand words and start it with one word?

Actually, it’s quite easy. You storyboard. That doesn’t necessarily mean you draw something!

Take a story that you’re writing, don’t tell me what it is, I want you to go and play the story in your mind from beginning to end…

Go on, go and do it.

Have you done it yet?

Now go and do it again and I want you to count each “scene” that you have. If the story starts with a scene of a soldier returning home after the Iraq War call it the “Coming Home” Scene and that’s No 1.

Go on…do it…

How many scenes do you have in total? One? A hundred?

The next step is simple.

For each scene, get a separate piece of paper (recycled of course!) and put the name of the scene and its number at the top.

Go on – do it!

Now that you have a series of scenes in order I want you take the next big step…ask questions

Say we jump back to the first scene in “Coming Home” which is No 1.

  • What is the character wearing?
  • What colour are his eyes?
  • What is he/she wearing?
  • What expression is on his face?
  • How is he/she walking?
  • What colour is the door?

Get the drift?

You see, visual people arleady SEE the story. Once you start to ask questions, the scene becomes CLEARER and CLEARER.

Now go and ask all the questions for the first scene…

Done it?

Then do the next…

And the next…

What you are compiling is all the TEXT that you will need to tell your story.

Once you have done this, I can guarantee you that if I were to ask you to tell me the story it would simply ripple off your tongue. Now, isn’t that magic!