Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University

I’ve got some news. I’m now a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University! I’m deeply fortunate. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers and engage with students passionate about writing. I’m completely new to something like this and I’ve got to learn. A New Home I was delighted to find out the old Cornerhouse Read more about Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University[…]

Thoughts on Writing

I’m placing my fingers on these keys and punching out a few thoughts before I return to the real work of writing fiction. Since my debut novel was published in late 2006…I harboured a dream to write books ranging from children’s to science-fiction, yet struggled against the tide of life’s minutiae to produce them. I Read more about Thoughts on Writing[…]

From Wiesenthal to Gaza

Well into his old age, a man continued his quest for justice against those who had committed war crimes. That man was Simon Wiesenthal, a famed Nazi Hunter who caught Eichman and many other mass murderers… In many ways, his untiring soul remains a beacon for those who support the idea of striving for justice Read more about From Wiesenthal to Gaza[…]

At first there was the Internet

Hola, Interneters, welcome to the Matrix…just joking. But let me tell you something terribly serious about the nature of the world wide web on which we ride: it was created back in the late 1950s. If you want to find the origin of this species then look no further than DARPA. Once you understand the Read more about At first there was the Internet[…]

A Very Jective Truth

For those who know the English language intimately and languages in general, the elements of grammar termed the parts of speech such as the noun, pronoun, verb are familiar friends. But have you met the jective? My guess is that you’ve been using jectives all your life, but didn’t know it, because you were calling them Read more about A Very Jective Truth[…]

The creepy consensus of the News.

I want you to carry out a little experiment in observation. For this little practical exercise I want you think about the daily offering of daily news on the television screens, radio stations – not the Internet. Have you noticed that it doesn’t matter which channel you switch to…the main news items are identical? Oh Read more about The creepy consensus of the News.[…]