The Curry Mile eBook – launched. Finally.

So. Finally did it. With the help of some good people I crossed the Rubicon into the Indie divide and at the same time transformed the paperback novel into an eBook. The Curry Mile was published by Suitcase Books in 2006. That seems like an eternity ago, way before the Jurassic. I frequently get asked by readers, Read more about The Curry Mile eBook – launched. Finally.[…]

Dune – Frank Herbert

I read Dune when I was twelve and I revisit it continually as its lessons remain as potent today as yesterday. It has a brooding quality that erodes limits and barriers and it emphasises certain realities, but hints at greater depths and mysteries. There is a sense of timelessness to this classic eco-religio-political piece of Read more about Dune – Frank Herbert[…]