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Zahid Hussain

I was born in the North of England to a family rooted in poetry and story-telling. Only recently, I have started to write about those early experiences. Shortly after the incident when I nearly died, my family moved across Blackburn. I’d just turned five. I remember sleeping on skin-thin carpets in the living room because the bedrooms weren’t ready for human occupation. I woke up one night and found my mother reading in dusky lamplight. What are you reading, I asked. Urdu Jasoosi Reader’s Digest, she answered. I guess that’s where my love for words began. My mother religiously continues to read Jasoosi till this day although it’s more of a challenge to grab a copy in the Covid-19 world of today.

My debut novel, “The Curry Mile” presented a bold viewpoint of Asian life which has echoes in all Diaspora communities. I’m currently working on a prequel trilogy as well as revisiting the original novel to give it a fresh coat of paint.

By Zahid Hussain

The Curry Mile

A Novel

This is the original version of the novel before the updated version is published. 

Manchester City of Literature

Last year, I applied to become the Chairperson of the Manchester City of Literature; I didn't make the decision until the eleventh hour and I was probably more surprised than anyone when the steering committee selected me to become its chair. UNESCO designated the...

Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University

I've got some news. I'm now a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University! I'm deeply fortunate. It's a great opportunity to meet other writers and engage with students passionate about writing. I'm completely new to something like this and I've got...

Discovering Palestinian Writing

I confess, until a few weeks ago, I hadn't read too much literature emanating from Palestine. A wee bit, sure, but nothing to write home about. And then, as chance would have it, an impromptu conversation with a friend of mine, Hafsah Bashir, changed everything. With...

Other Writing

Kiss Poetry Anthology

Poetry: I’ve been writing poetry seriously since I turned 16. However, my published poetry was in this collection published by Crocus Books. It was put together by the legendary Peter Kalu and Su Andy.

Through the Eye of the Needle

Non-fiction: I wrote a chapter entitled the Contours of Islamic Political Economy (!) – it forms part of a  conversation between faith and economy-based understandings and initiatives.

Survial of the Hardworking

Short-story: This anthology, which aimed to arise funds to support Syrian refugees. It explores the concept of survival from a refreshing variety of perspectives.

Suitcase Book of Love

Published by Commonword.

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