British Novelist, Poet
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Fiction and Non-Fiction
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Academic Writing

I teach students how to supercharge the essay-writing process!

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Creative Writing

From “Metaphor” to “Plotting the Novel” I deliver workshops on different aspects of creative writing.

Spoken Word

I teach people how to write performance poetry. And how to perform it. Memorise it too!

About Zahid

British born confused Desi? Definitely sometimes.

I've been writing for a long time. At the age of nine, I started my first diary…diaries aren’t quite my thing any more, but I still have that first one right in front of me to guide me and to remind me and to keep me, well, going.

I write novels, screenplays and poetry. Oh, I write non-fiction too.

I harbour a deep and growing love for spoken word. Yes, I am a former regional poetry performance champion. Competition was an accident; my love for the well-written poetry wasn’t.

  • I tell stories about the thriving South Asian communities in the UK. My debut novel, The Curry Mile, was set in Manchester…I think it portrays the life of Sasians in a different way to most. That said, the published version was not my original vision for it and one day I hope to share more, after all, the Curry Mile is a series of stories and very few of them have seen the light of day.

  • Too few stories echo with the young people I meet. We need more diverse books and change and transformation will not come easily…from dystopian futuristic fiction to real world angst, I'm happily beavering away in my garret. I'll be sharing that stories with the world. Perhaps sooner than most might think, after all, a clock is ticking.

  • My first love was fantasy and science fiction and I write that stuff too, although you wouldn't know it if all you've read is The Curry Mile. I was drawn to literature through visionary books: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, Dune by Frank Herbert, and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. These books were my doors. I’d like to open doors for others.


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