Beef about Buffets

The roar of the hungry crowd, the hiss of meat thrown on the grill, steam rising in clouds, the clink of plates and people, flurries of them, mounds of them, milling around the eating trough and returning like pirates with their booty to their overstuffed tables to gorge themselves senseless. The world keeps spinning, the noise Read more about Beef about Buffets[…]

The Freedom of Information Act

In the UK we possess a laweye that can crack open public documents and allow us to scrutinise their contents in great detail. This law draws back the curtain and let’s us see emails and much, much more and it’s called the Freedom of Information Act. Use it. I have used it to startling effect.

Perhaps, telling you that Tony Blair’s laments bringing in the Act will motivate you to unglue yourself from your favourite couch and flex your freedoms…hey, you can ask questions privately (via email or letter), or in public domains (more about that below). What’s not to like?

But how do I know that Freedom of Information makes a difference? […]

Speaking to Social Entrepreneurs

It’s not every day that I get invited to speak to social entrepreneurs, but it happened, it really did and it was yesterday. You see, as well as gallivanting as a writery sorta person, I have been living a secret double life – hey, just kidding! Seriously, this is the work that I do on a Read more about Speaking to Social Entrepreneurs[…]

Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?

The UK is amongst the most diverse countries in the world. The 2011 Census found that the ethnic minority population of London was the majority population. White British people accounted for 44.9% of London’s population. So, considering that London is the home of UK Publishing and that the capital’s population, do you think ethnic minorities are well Read more about Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?[…]

The No 1 Secret to Getting Your Message Across

Charity’s struggle to share their successes and struggles with donors, friends, staff, and volunteers. Communication is essential to raise funds and resources, link with hard-to-reach communities and to ultimately change society. How do charities usually tell their story? They start with the the date established and close the narrative with the services they offer and Read more about The No 1 Secret to Getting Your Message Across[…]

From Wiesenthal to Gaza

Well into his old age, a man continued his quest for justice against those who had committed war crimes. That man was Simon Wiesenthal, a famed Nazi Hunter who caught Eichman and many other mass murderers… In many ways, his untiring soul remains a beacon for those who support the idea of striving for justice Read more about From Wiesenthal to Gaza[…]

At first there was the Internet

Hola, Interneters, welcome to the Matrix…just joking. But let me tell you something terribly serious about the nature of the world wide web on which we ride: it was created back in the late 1950s. If you want to find the origin of this species then look no further than DARPA. Once you understand the Read more about At first there was the Internet[…]