The Curry Mile: a Series in the Making?

I’ve lived in Manchester since 1990, which was the year my family moved from Blackburn in Lancashire to a suburb of South Manchester. Unbeknownst to me at that time, our new home was located in an area of the city which was also the home of the team behind Danger Mouse; it was a dream come true Read more about The Curry Mile: a Series in the Making?[…]

National Poetry Day 2014

The UK’s National Poetry Day will be taking place on Thursday the 2nd of October and what is so special about this particular Poetry Day is that this year’s theme is “Remember”.I was particularly moved when I heard this as the selection of this theme is a “nod” to the centenary of the outbreak of Read more about National Poetry Day 2014[…]

The Curry Mile eBook – launched. Finally.

So. Finally did it. With the help of some good people I crossed the Rubicon into the Indie divide and at the same time transformed the paperback novel into an eBook. The Curry Mile was published by Suitcase Books in 2006. That seems like an eternity ago, way before the Jurassic. I frequently get asked by readers, Read more about The Curry Mile eBook – launched. Finally.[…]

Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?

The UK is amongst the most diverse countries in the world. The 2011 Census found that the ethnic minority population of London was the majority population. White British people accounted for 44.9% of London’s population. So, considering that London is the home of UK Publishing and that the capital’s population, do you think ethnic minorities are well Read more about Does UK Publishing Reflect Diversity?[…]

Thoughts on Writing

I’m placing my fingers on these keys and punching out a few thoughts before I return to the real work of writing fiction. Since my debut novel was published in late 2006…I harboured a dream to write books ranging from children’s to science-fiction, yet struggled against the tide of life’s minutiae to produce them. I Read more about Thoughts on Writing[…]

Writing Exercises: The Story Game

Image of ‘Children’ from Wikipedia Want to test the enduring power of story-telling? Just say “once upon a time…” and witness the effect on a child. Is it social conditioning or genetic? I don’t know, but I know we were made for stories. The ability to spin a tale is essential for story-tellers and children Read more about Writing Exercises: The Story Game[…]

Writing Exercises: Painting Word-Pictures of Still Life

This is a fun game designed to get children playing with words by using their senses. A wordsmith may be great at telling a story, but fall foul of plot. Others can conjure up unforgettable characters, but their dialogue is limp.  And even many experienced writers often trip up on description. This exercise is amazingly Read more about Writing Exercises: Painting Word-Pictures of Still Life[…]