The W Spot

I am a firm believer that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist. Or rather, I choose to believe it doesn’t. However, that’s only partially true: it’s true for me, but it might not be for you. Like many things, it’s all about your state of mind.

If I could guarantee that with the click of your fingers you could hit that zone inside yourself, that prefect place where writing is born, unleashed all by itself you’d bite my right arm off.

And like the best things in life, you can have it absolutely for free.

“But what about me?” You cry. “I’m different. I can’t do that! My mind goes blank”.

Rubbish. You kick yourself in the shins and you say it smarts, of course it does. You slap yourself in the face – of course, it stings. You convince yourself you’ve got no imagination – of course, you won’t have any! It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I’ve tried all that positive thinking,” you insist, “it doesn’t work!”

Who’s talking about positive thinking? I’m not. I’m talking about a mindset not mind delusion. I’m not advocating talking yourself into believing something that isn’t true. Give yourself a chance to succeed.

Here’s what I advise:

  1. Take some time out with yourself where you won’t be disturbed for an hour.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine a time when the writing flowed, all by itself, zen, effortless
  3. Cherish that memory and look and hear and feel that moment
  4. Now, heighten that memory: can you remember what was in the background? Was there music, was it the light, was it warm, was it cold?
  5. Now open your eyes.
  6. Take a pen or use your keyboard, whichever you feel is right for you and write down the memory of that moment
  7. Now close your eyes again and remember that moment again: feel it, see it, hear it
  8. Once you’ve identified the triggers, recreate them, the environment, the ritual or whatever it was that put you in the zone…

Does it sound too easy? Perhaps it is as easy as that. Know thyself. It isn’t about copying what J K Rowling does or what Steven King does: it’s about understanding what makes you tick. So go and tick tock, tick tock.


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