National Poetry Day 2014

The UK’s National Poetry Day will be taking place on Thursday the 2nd of October and what is so special about this particular Poetry Day is that this year’s theme is “Remember”.
I was particularly moved when I heard this as the selection of this theme is a “nod” to the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, a war which transformed the world and brought about the modern age, and it was in this crucible in which fine poets such as Rupert Graves, Thomas Hardy, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon – to name a few – were forged.
Of course, poetry itself is a form of remembrance, of moments that have passed which we hope to cherish, crystallising an emotion, a glance…

Today, we live in the world of social media so I thought it would be great to suggest a few social media web sites that may be of interest:
National Poetry Day on Facebook

If you are keen to learn more about this years’s National Poetry Day then visit the Forward Arts Foundation; they’re doing lots of fine stuff and you can post your own events on their site.
The Poetry Society has also produced information on this year’s National Poetry Day.
I’m looking forward to this year’s National Poetry Day and remembering and hoping that, through the power of story and poetry, we can connect with those who have passed, and retain the harsh and cruel lessons of disharmony so that we can produce a lasting peace.


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