At first there was the Internet

Hola, Interneters, welcome to the Matrix…just joking. But let me tell you something terribly serious about the nature of the world wide web on which we ride: it was created back in the late 1950s. If you want to find the origin of this species then look no further than DARPA. Once you understand the military is the mother of the Internet and once you understand that the World Wide Web is not the same as the Internet, but simply a synecdoche it brings everything into focus.

Why is this important?

I think it’s important, because it illustrates that a particular belief we have is a total illusion. The belief is that whatever appears in the market place is due to innovation and due to public demand.

All the technologies we use in our daily lives from the mobile phone to the PDA are former military technologies and that link between the world of commerce and the world of the military is a very real one.

What the commercial world does is create the demand for a product that was never needed so that we can go on funding military development.

Does it matter?

If we are to have true and lasting peace we have to find a different way to fund our future endeavours that goes beyond this military-commercial connection.

When a bomb goes off in Iraq ask yourself where that bomb was manufactured…when the U.S. claims that Iran is behind it (and I’m sure they do know), why do they remain silent about the origin of the weapons at all other times? And it isn’t just the American government which is guilty of this sort of duplicity. It wasn’t so long ago that the British press was covering how Britain was considering stopping arms sales to Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Why were they supplying him with arms in the first place? Precisely.

And there you have it, the military and the private sector are connected just like guns and bullets are connected.

We, the human race, has to be more than bullets and guns and wounds and blood. The whole universe is out there for us to discover: why are we sitting here killing each other? So we have to stop this subterfuge, before we end up destroying ourselves.

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