Academic Writing

I guide students to improve their academic writing. I offer insights in writing essays, dissertations and even PhD theses.

How did it come about?

Over many years, university students approached me, asking me to guide them with their academic work. I discovered I had a knack for “re-teaching” writing in a way which resonated.  I was surprised each time a minor intervention made such a major and enduring difference to ordinary students.

The problem faced by these struggling students wasn’t an inability to write an essay. The truth is, if you can write a sentence you can probably write an essay. No, the issues that plagued students were; a lack of role models, poor study methods, missing organisational skills and zero confidence.

Throughout my life, I have always taken writing for granted. These students humbled me; they were a lot brighter than I am. Simply put, nobody had ever guided them to overcome the inner obstacles they faced. Suddenly, I wanted to do more for them, because I realised that the only way they could improve their writing was to change their “inner script”.

I have developed two amazing services, which will improve any student’s writing. They are:

  • Essay Writing Boot Camp
  • Dissertation Doctor

These services are a work-in-progress. The services are evolving as I learn more from students, receive feedback and find better ways to connect and inspire students. My current focus is supporting ethnic minority students and those who originate from white working class backgrounds.

I am currently offering the programme at:

If you would like to take part in a workshop, then please get in touch. I would be delighted to meet you and learn more about your needs. You can reach out via the Contact Form too.