Once upon a time , there were three good friends, who were as close as friends can be, and their names were Oge, Em and Uoy.  They were content and inseparable and they never fought. They spent their days foraging and telling tales and they rarely strayed from their village. Their favourite haunt, was a gnarled old tree stump, where they spent many hours idling away, swinging their legs and talking.

In that ancient village, there was a man called Natiash, who was silent and withdrawn and whom everyone knew as a loner. He took to watching the three friends from afar. The three friends noticed him, but they didn’t pay him any attention, after all, he never did them any harm and although he was strange, he never said or did anything…

Natiash, watched the three friends and a feeling slowly grew in his chest.  That feeling turned into loathing. He hated that he was alone, and the three friends looked so content and inseparable and that they never fought. The feeling grew stronger and like a fruit that has outgrown itself, the feeling grew rancid and poison filled him.

One day, Natiash saw that Oge was alone and an idea overcame him. In the distance, he saw one of the two other friends approaching and quickly, Natiash motioned to Oge.

“What do you want?” Oge asked.

Natiash motioned Oge to come closer still. Oge, reluctantly walked towards Natiash.

“What do you want?” Oge repeated.

Instead of replying, Natiash shrugged and walked away leaving Oge confused.

When Oge returend to the tree, his friend Em asked him, “What did he want?”

“Nothing,” Oge replied. Em frowned.

A few days later Uoy was alone and Natiash motioned him over.

“What do you want?” Uoy asked.

Natiash shrugged and walked away.

Em again had been nearby and when Uoy returned to the tree, Em asked him, “What did he want?”

“Nothing,” Uoy replied truthfully. Em didn’t believe him. He was certain that the two friends were conspiring against him.

A few more days passed. Every now and then, Natiash would motion one of the friends over and when the friend approached he would shrug and walk away. Soon, local people could hear the three inseparable friends arguing. They argued in the day time and they argued deep into the night.

No one knows how the fight started, but later witnesses would say that Em struck out at Oge and then Uoy struck out at Em and the friendship was in tatters. And when the three friends had gone and were friends no more, the loner, Natiash walked over to the tree stump that had been the root of their friendship and he sat down on it and smiled a secret knowing smile.