Writing shouldn't be a
Life Sentence.

What I can Offer

Academic Writing

I have developed a unique programme that will supercharge the process of learning how to write.

Creative Writing

From the Metaphor to Conflict, the Heart of Story, I have delivered a vast array of workshops on the craft of creative writing.

Spoken Word

I teach people how to read and perform poetry.

Published Work

Here is a brief resume of my published work.

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About Me

All you need to know in less than 200 words.
I help people to write well.

I am a writer; from poetry, through the novel and into the visual landscape of screenplay, I love the art and the science of putting pen to paper. I have taken writing for granted and humbled by requests to support struggling students, I have taken on a mission to share my knowledge with others.

  • Creative Writing

    From metaphor, to the monomyth, I have taught virtually every aspect of creative writing.

  • Academic Writing

    I can unpack the English Language and reassemble it for you; with this insight and more you can learn to write any essay.

  • spoken word

    As a regional spoken word champion I bring a unique insight into the art of performance.

Thoughts and Musings

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